Margherita Lazzarini
Software developer.
Currently working at Collaborne

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Skype ID: margheritalazzariniunibo

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Here's my master thesis [italian] and my GitHub page., 2016. Website for Cordien bijoux, a label founded in 2016 by the designer Sofia Codraro
A 3D Blender rendering for the computer graphic course using ray tracing effect.
AJBoss app using Opennebula tool, 2014. Configuration of a cluster of virtual machines using Opennebula and deployment of a JBoss simple stateful app to test fault tolerance. See here for full description [italian]. In collaboration with Federico Montori.
A NetLogo model, 2014 simulating the spread of a virus in four geographically separated populations based on the Kermack-McKendrick model. You can download it and try it here!
ICD-9-CM classificator, 2013. An automatic ICD-9-CM classificator for textual medical reports. See here for full description. In collaboration with Massimiliano Fasi
Proxy miniHttp with prefetching, 2012. A simple HTTP proxy working on a subset of HTML. Developed in C with pthread to serve multiple HTTP requests. Googlecode link. In collaboration with Simone Rondelli.
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